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Table 6 Rate Ratio (RR) of mortality from all causes, all neoplasms and lung cancer by residential categories using commuters as a reference

From: Gravity models to classify commuting vs. resident workers. An application to the analysis of residential risk in a contaminated area

Cause of death (IX ICDa) Category of residence RRb 90% CI
All causes (001-999) Commuters 1.0 -
  Moved to Gela 0.9 0.73-1.11
  Residents in Gela 0.88 0.75-1.03
All neoplasms (140-208) Commuters 1.0 -
  Moved to Gela 0.94 0.64-1.37
  Residents in Gela 1.09 0.82-1.44
Lung cancer (162) Commuters 1.0 -
  Moved to Gela 1.71 0.92-3.17
  Residents in Gela 1.7 1.03-2.81
  1. a International Classification of Disease IX revision codes
  2. b RR adjusted for age and calendar period