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Table 1 Variables included in Principal Components Analysis

From: Defining Socially-Based Spatial Boundaries in the Region of Peel, Ontario, Canada

Factor Definition
Housing % Renters
  % Owner households spending 30% or more of household income on major payments
  % Households in need of major repairs
Socioeconomic % Aged 20+ with no High School
  % Unemployed (Prior to May 16th, 2006)
  % Low Income (Before tax, 2005)
Sociodemographic % No Knowledge of English or French
  % Separated or Divorced
  % Widowed
  % Recent immigrants (Immigrated to Canada between 2001 and Census Day, May 16, 2006. (Census, 2006)
  % Lone Female Parent Family
  1. Note: All variables derived from the 2006 Census.