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Table 2 Titles of relevant Mosaic type identified for specific vulnerabilities

From: Including the urban heat island in spatial heat health risk assessment strategies: a case study for Birmingham, UK

Mosaic Number Mosaic Titles Vulnerability
20 Golden Retirement Elderly
21 Bungalow Quietude Elderly
22 Beachcombers Elderly
23 Balcony Downsizers Elderly
38 Settled Ex-Tenants Ill
39 Choice Right to Buy Ill
42 Worn-Out Workers Ill
43 Streetwise Kids Ill
44 New Parents in Need Ill
45 Small Block Singles Ill
47 Deprived View Ill
50 Pensioners in Blocks Elderly
51 Sheltered Seniors Elderly
52 Meals on Wheels Elderly
53 Low Spending Elders Elderly
65 Anti-Materialists Ill
  1. *All 67 Mosaic types were used to calculate density and high rise vulnerabilities