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Table 2 Geographic information resources consulted for “researched” dataset

From: Effects of georeferencing effort on mapping monkeypox case distributions and transmission risk

Localities Name Reference
43 Joint Operation Graphic’s (JOG’s) [52]
18 Legacy CDC case forms  
4 Report of Meeting on the implementation of Post-Smallpox Eradication Policy [49]
3 Human infections with MPX virus: Liberia and Sierra Leone [47]
3 The role of squirrels in sustaining MPX virus transmission. [50]
2 Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Zaire, 1976. [59]
4 A search for Ebola virus in animals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Cameroon: ecologic, virologic, and serologic surveys, 1979–1980. [46]
1 Human MPX. [19]
1 Human poxvirus disease after smallpox eradication. [48]
1 Four generations of probable person-to-person transmission of human MPX. [60]
1 Results of Ebola antibody surveys in various populations groups [61]
  1. The number of MPX case localities which benefited from more detailed CDC legacy data and other historic materials, by resource name.