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Table 2 Walking speed across different land cover types during the dry and wet season. Travel speed were compiled from Pozzi & Robinson [[64]]

From: It’s a long, long walk: accessibility to hospitals, maternity and integrated health centers in Niger

Land cover type Dry season Wet season
  Walking Walking
Open or sparse vegetation
Includes open grassland, open grassland with shrubs, sparse grassland, croplands (>50%), croplands with woody vegetation 3 km/h (20 min/km) 2 km/h (30 min/km)
Deciduous Shrub land/woodland
Irrigated Croplands 1.5 km/h (40 min/km) 1 km/h (60 min/km)
Closed grassland   
Desert 1.5 km/h 1 km/h
Stony desert 1.5 km/h Impassable
Bare Rock 1.5 km/h Impassable
Water bodies Impassable Impassable
Cities 4 km/h (15 min/km) 3 km/h (20 min/km)