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Table 4 Statistical model explanatory variables

From: Is temperature the main cause of dengue rise in non-endemic countries? The case of Argentina

Variable group Variable Description Source Units Cell approx. side (km)
Geographic AR Area of each district [46] m2 -
AL Mean district elevation above sea level [45] m 1
ALsd Standard deviation of altitude of all pixels within a district [45] m 1
DI.wa Distance to the nearest water body or course (excluding the sea) [46] km 13
DI.en Distance to nearest border crossing to endemic area [46] km 13
Climatic MeanT Mean annual temperature [40] °C 15
MinT Minimum annual temperature [40] °C 15
PP Mean annual cumulative precipitation [40] mm 15
DE Mean annual dew point [40] °C 15
SL Mean annual sea level pressure [40] hp 15
WI Mean annual windspeed [40] m/s 15
DPT Days of possible transmission [40] days 15
Demographic prc Percentage of population change per district [31, 32] --- ---
  lo.po Logarithm of population per district [31, 32] Log (people) ---
  1. Explanatory variables included in Generalized Linear Mixed Models for the occurrence of dengue in Argentina between 2001 and 2011.