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Table 2 Brainstorming statement sorted into their final cluster solutions

From: Are residents of downtown Toronto influenced by their urban neighbourhoods? Using concept mapping to examine neighbourhood characteristics and their perceived impact on self-rated mental well-being

Item Name (item number*) Good MWB Poor MWB
Cluster 1: Crime in neighbourhood   
crime (40) moderate High
poverty (34) low High
visibility of drug trafficking or drug use (43) low High
police harassment (12) low High
vandalism (1) low High
gangs (4) low High
Cluster 2: Social concerns   
safety (27) High moderate
neighbourhood lighting (10) High moderate
police involvement with community (46) High moderate
gentrification (53) moderate low
isolation (37) moderate High
class discrimination (38) low High
fights between neighbours (29) low High
Cluster 3: Negative neighbourhood environment   
a visible marginalized population (e.g. homeless) (63) moderate moderate
overcrowded housing (51) moderate High
litter (2) low High
noise (30) low High
heavy traffic (21) low moderate
bad smells (58) low moderate
cigarette butts (33) low moderate
Cluster 4: Creates positive community environment   
sense of community (42) High moderate
residents being involved in community change (16) High low
friendliness (35) High moderate
neighbours interacting (25) High moderate
newcomer friendly (52) High moderate
community cohesion in a crisis (54) High moderate
people who know you (31) High low
multicultural and multilanguage neighbourhood (36) High low
diversity (e.g. age, income) (66) moderate low
public celebrations (6) moderate low
Cluster 5: Community friendly environment   
pedestrian friendly neighbourhood (70) High moderate
neighbourhood watch (44) High low
neighbourhood reputation (32) moderate moderate
pet friendly neighbourhood (45) moderate low
neighbourhood history (56) moderate low
Cluster 6: Essential services in the neighbourhood   
community centre with adequate services and resources (69) High moderate
employment opportunities (50) High moderate
quality of schools (18) High moderate
job placement and training services (3) High moderate
accessible and accountable politicians (65) High moderate
services and resources that are age, family, gender and culturally appropriate (48) High moderate
a wide variety of educational opportunities (e.g. ESL, adult education) (13) High low
businesses that provide mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities (62) High low
volunteer opportunities (9) High low
outreach and mobility of community services and resources (64) High moderate
a range of services for low income populations (e.g. food banks, community kitchens) (68) High moderate
Cluster 7: Beneficial community services   
libraries (60) High low
public places for a variety of physical recreational activities and sports (e.g. ice hockey, pool, soccer fields) (22) High moderate
accessible and affordable child care (24) High low
access to places of worship (mosque, temples, churches, synagogues) (47) High Low
a range of traditional and non-traditional health services (20) High Moderate
services to support homeless (23) High Moderate
free access to computers and the internet (57) High Low
Cluster 8: Neighbourhood amenities   
access to banking services (14) High Low
grocery stores with a wide selection of food choices (17) High Low
laundry facilities (39) High Low
assortment of restaurants (11) High Low
coffee shops (5) High Low
bars (55) low Low
beer and liquor stores (59) low Low
Cluster 9: Causes that make a neighbourhood aesthetically pleasing   
clean air (7) High Moderate
parks (15) High Moderate
amount of natural landscape (e.g. tree lined streets) (67) High Moderate
well maintained streets and sidewalks (28) High Moderate
well maintained businesses and housing structures (61) High Low
physical beauty (e.g. fountains) (19) High Low
mixed-use neighbourhood (commercial, residential and/or recreational use) (41) moderate Low
Cluster 10: Transportation   
access to public transportation (8) High Moderate
short commute times (49) High Moderate
adequate parking (26) moderate Low