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Table 4 Logistic regression to test the relation between different factors and the degree of agreement between objective and perceived walking times

From: Correspondence between objective and perceived walking times to urban destinations: Influence of physical activity, neighbourhood walkability, and socio-demographics

Factor (concerning category) Odds Ratio 95% Confidence Interval
PAa (active) 1.138* 1.068-1.214
Gender (female) 0.972 0.911-1.036
Educational level (higher education) 1.010 0.945-1.078
BMIb (overweight) 0.965 0.902-1.032
Age (>45 years) 1.054 0.989-1.124
Neighbourhood walkability (high) 0.992 0.931-1.058
  1. * p<0.05 from the logistic regression.
  2. a Physical activity.
  3. b Body mass index.