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Table 1 Preliminary list of susceptibility (SUS) and lack of resilience (LoR) indicators a

From: Assessing socioeconomic vulnerability to dengue fever in Cali, Colombia: statistical vs expert-based modeling

Domain Indicator name Domain Indicator name
SUS Population density (km2) LoR Households without a phone (%)
SUS Density of occupied households (km2) LoR People who cannot read or write (%)
SUS Residents from age 0 to 4 (%) LoR People with no education (%)
SUS Residents from age 5 to 14 (%) LoR People – secondary/higher education level (%)
SUS Residents from age 15 to 29 (%) LoR Travel time to nearest hospital (min.)
SUS Residents of age above 30 (%) LoR Distance to nearest hospital (m)
SUS Black population (%) LoR Mean hospital density (km2)
SUS White population (%) LoR Employed population (%)
SUS People with disabilities (%) LoR Unemployed population (%)
SUS Households without water access (%) LoR People doing housework (%)
SUS Households without sewer system (%) LoR Retired people (%)
SUS Building stratification (1–6)   
  1. aBased on the outcomes of the literature survey and data availability (SUS = susceptibility; LoR = lack of resilience).