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Table 2 Hierarchy of evidence used to assign information scores to structure occupancy reports

From: Validity and feasibility of a satellite imagery-based method for rapid estimation of displaced populations

Category Points
Attribute 1: How representative of the site’s population and analysis time-point is the report likely to be?†
Report from the site itself during the current crisis, as defined by data collection having taken place within 3y of the date of analysis 10
Report from site(s) within the same crisis region and during the current crisis (data collection within 3y of data of analysis) 8
Report from the site itself or similar sites within the same crisis region, but from previous crisis periods, as defined by data collection having taken place prior to 3y but within 10y of the date of analysis 4
Report from the population currently living in the site but reflecting pre-displacement conditions (e.g. while residing in the country of origin), with data collected within 10y of the date of analysis 2
Attribute 2: How robust is the method for data collection on which the estimate is based?
Census, systematic registration exercise or ongoing demographic surveillance 10
Large (>200 households for simple/systematic random sampling, >400 households and >20 clusters for cluster sampling) sample survey or cross-sectional population sample with no obvious technical flaw(s) 8
Other sample survey or cross-sectional population sample 6
Estimate from rapid assessment, site visit or review of programmatic data 4
Anecdotal or unsubstantiated estimate 1
Attribute 3: Does the report quantify the mean occupancy of households or residential structures?
Residential structures 10
Households, but the household definition is consistent with one household = one structure (e.g. “people sleeping together under one roof”) or one household = one compound (e.g. ‘people sharing meals’) in settlements consisting of compounds or groups of structures demarcated by rings or fences visible on the satellite image 6
Households, and the household definition is either unclear or may not be congruous with that of a single structure 1
  1. † If an occupancy estimate was computed based on a sample consisting of both the site and surrounding sites, with no breakdown of results by site, we calculated an average score for this attribute based on the proportion of the sample falling within the site. If this was not provided, we attributed 2 points (the minimum).