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Table 1 Variables tested during data mining process

From: Measuring the impact of spatial network layout on community social cohesion: a cross-sectional study

Name (sDNA abbrev.) Description Hypothesis (see Table2) Best correlation (Pearson’s r) and radius
Number of links in radius (Links) ~ D -0.051 1500 m
Network length in radius (Length) ~ D +0.029 300 m
Network quantity penalized by angular distance (NQPDA) Number of links in radius penalized by angular distance to each D,DD,T -0.039 1500 m
Two phase destination angular (TPDA) Measure of destination ‘popularity’ under TPBtA model D +0.083 1500 m
Mean geodesic length angular (MGLA) Mean network Euclidean length (in metres along network) of routes to all destinations in radius DD,T -0.149 600 m
Mean crow flight distance (MCF) Mean Euclidean length (in metres as the crow flies) of routes to all destinations in radius DD +0.143 1200 m
Mean angular distance (MAD) Mean angular length (in degrees) of routes to all destinations in radius DD,T -0.079 600 m
Mean diversion ratio angular (DivA) Mean of network length/crow flight length per route T -0.116 1500 m
Angular betweenness (BtA) Flow prediction based on angular shortest paths not exceeding radius F +0.026 300 m
Two phase angular betweenness (TPBtA) As BtA but limiting trip generation to a fixed amount per origin distributed over all destinations in radius F +0.025 1500 m
Junctions in radius (Jnc) ~ L -0.047 1500 m
Connectivity in radius (Con)a Total number of link ends joining junctions in radius L -0.050 1500 m
Convex hull area (HullA) Area of convex hull formed by all points in radius E +0.129 1200 m
Convex hull perimeter (HullP) Perimeter of convex hull E +0.191 1200 m
Convex hull max radius (HullR) Maximum radius of convex hull (see Discussion for more information) E +0.251 600 m
Convex hull shape index (HullSI) ‘Circularity’ of convex hull shape E,H +0.089 300 m
  1. aConnectivity in radius’ here refers to a specific use of the word ‘connectivity’ relating to counting link ends. In the remainder of the paper, ‘connectivity’ retains its broader definition. Full descriptions of all measures in this table are available in[12].