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Table 2 Summary of primates with ranges including countries where Tanapox has been described

From: Estimating the geographic distribution of human Tanapox and potential reservoirs using ecological niche modeling

Genus Common name Range No. of species
Infraorder Lorisiformes
Acrtocebus Golden Potto Central Africa 2
Perodicticus Potto West and Central Africa; Kenya 1
Euoticus Bushbabies Nigeria; Cameroon; Gabon; ROC 2
Galago Galagos Throughout Sub-Saharan africa 14
Otolumur Greater Bushbabies Kenya; Tanzania; Rwanda; Angola 3
Family Cercopithecidae, subfamily cercopithecinae
Erythrocebus Patas Monkey West Africa to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania 1
Chlorocebus Savanah Guenons Throughout Africa 6
Cercopithecus Guenons Throughout Africa 25
Miopithecus Talapoin Cameroon; Gabon; Angola; DRC 2
Allenopithecus Allen’s Monkey DRC 1
Cercocebus Mangabeys Central and West Africa; Kenya; Tanzania 6
Lophocebus Black Mangabeys West and Central Africa; Uganda; Burundi; Angola 3
Papio Baboons Throughout Africa 5
Mandrillus Mandrill Nigeria; Cameroon; Equatorial Guinea 2
Family Cercopithecidae, Subfamily Colobinae
Colobus Colobus Monkeys Throughout Sub-Saharan Africa 5
Piliocolobus Red Colobus Monkey West, Central, and East Africa 9
Family Pongidae
Gorilla Gorilla Central and West Africa 2
Pan Chimpanzees Central and West Africa; W Tanzania 2
  1. The primate genera with ranges including any part of Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Sierra Leone [16].