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Table 2 Summary of Global Moran’s I cluster analysis results (n = 15,854)

From: Spatial pattern of body mass index among adults in the diabetes study of Northern California (DISTANCE)

Analysis Input Value Moran’s Index z-score p-value
BMI 0.05 7.72 0.00
Confounder Regression Model BMI Residuals
Model 1a −0.01 −0.76 0.45
Model 2b 0.02 2.63 0.01
Model 3a,b −0.01 −1.11 0.27
  1. acontrolled for age, education, race/ethnicity, marital status, sex, nativity, income to poverty ratio, and an interaction term for income to poverty ratio*BMI and income to poverty ratio*race/ethnicity.
  2. bcontrolled for food environment, neighborhood deprivation index, percent of population who were white, population density, distance to Kaiser Permanente healthcare facility, and property and violent crime rate.