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Table 1 Cost of the intervention using CHW supervisors compared to GIS team of PIH/IMB

From: Leveraging community health worker system to map a mountainous rural district in low resource setting: a low-cost approach to expand use of geographic information systems for public health

Cost category Items counted in costing Mapping by CHW supervisors Mapping by GIS team of PIH/IMB
Trainings and orientation Training manual, room, training materials, meals, refreshment, transport and certificates 4,335 15% 72 0%
Data collection and mapping Salary GIS coordinator and assistant, hiring GIS assistant, salary CHW supervisors/5 days, transport (vehicle, fuel, and driver), motorcycle rental, meals, communication, accommodation, software (one year license of Arc GIS), laptops, rain coats, GPS devices* 20,166 68% 54,988 91%
Validation (sector & district levels) Transport, per diem, meals, refreshment, printing 3,345 11% 3,397 6%
Dissemination Printing, lamination, transport and per diem 1,846 6% 1,655 3%
Total   29,692 100% 60,112 100%
  1. *GPS devices which were shared by the mappers.