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Figure 7

From: The use of interactive graphical maps for browsing medical/health Internet information resources

Figure 7

Screenshot of HealthCyberMap's BodyViewer Maps. Screenshot of HealthCyberMap's GIS-driven BodyViewer Maps on the Web These hierarchical human body topical maps with semantic zoom can be used to visually browse selected medical/health resources on the Web by clinical subject. Body organs with darker red tints have more resources associated with them than organs with lighter red shades (choropleth rendition); a grey colour denotes no resources. The resources have been categorised and spatialised to the different human body organs on the map according to a clinical coding scheme. Their metadata are displayed in a separate pop-up text window (map query result page) to avoid map clutter. The latter would have been unavoidable had the author opted to represent each resource using a distinct point symbol on the map (cf. Visual Net approach – Figure 2).

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