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Table 1 Examples of location-specific medical/health information

From: Location-based health information services: a new paradigm in personalised information delivery

Examples of Location-specific Medical/Health Information
- Local disease rates and information*, maps and guidelines;
- Targeted health education;
- Addresses of local healthcare facilities;
- Local health news;
- Local health risks and hazards;
- Travellers' health information;
- Local drugs/drug trade names and prices (in local currency);
- Information whose digital distribution rights are limited to some location(s);
- In addition to serving up content (and interface) in language(s) relevant to the viewer's location.
  1. * For example, the most common cause of splenomegaly in Kenya is malaria, while in the UK the most common causes of Slenomegaly are cytomegalovirus infection and toxoplasmosis.