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Table 3 Historical addresses queried, geocoding success rates and characteristics of addresses not successfully geocoded, the LC-SES study, 2001–2002. 1The address information was assigned to the centroid of a zip code area in which all addresses fell within a single block group or census tract or more than 80% of addresses fell within the same census tract.

From: Historical measures of social context in life course studies: retrospective linkage of addresses to decennial censuses

  N %age
Addresses for ages 30, 40, and 50 queried 24,148 100
   Partial or complete street address provided 22,140 92
   No address, P.O box, or no street name 2,008 8
Commercial Geocoding Results 22,140 100
   Address match (geocoded to 1990 census tract) 16,445 74
   Usable centroid match1 145 <1
   Not matched or geocoded to census tract 5,550 25
Characteristics of addresses not matched or geocoded to census tract 5,550 100
   Street with number 1,690 30
   Cross-street 923 17
   Street name without number 2,937 53