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Table 2 Titles and authors of initial reports by panel members (drafts available upon request). These reports represent summaries and expansions of initial discussions by the panels. The author team took topics and ideas generated by the panel discussions, conducted literature searches, formalized the presentation structure and composed the report. The final reports represent the collective efforts of each author team, building on selected contributions of panel members.

From: Current practices in cancer spatial data analysis: a call for guidance

Title Author Team Topics
Current practices in cancer spatial data analysis: a call for guidance Linda W. Pickle, Lance Waller, Andrew Lawson Introduction to panel discussion and background issues.
Communication: reporting spatial health statistics to policy makers and the general public B. Sue Bell, Richard E. Hoskins, Daniel Wartenberg Review of issues involved in communicating results of spatial analyses of cancer data.
Current practices in spatial analysis of cancer data: data characteristics and data sources for geographic studies of cancer Francis P. Boscoe, Mary H. Ward, Peggy Reynolds Review of characteristics and sources of spatially-referenced health data.
Current practices in the spatial analysis of cancer: flies in the ointment Geoffrey M. Jacquez Unresolved issues lurking behind most spatial analyses of health data.