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Table 4 Expected gains table (reduction in inappropriate behaviour) of BBC listenership and direct training

From: Epidemiological geomatics in evaluation of mine risk education in Afghanistan: introducing population weighted raster maps

Actions Odds Ratio (average individual risk) Risk difference Proportion requiring intervention Gain**/1000 households
Universal listenership to the BBC New Home New Life soap opera* 0.61 0.046 53% current non-listeners 24.3
Stop or change current direct training programme* 0.57 0.044 32% in communities now exposed 14.1
Universal listenership and change direct training 0.52 0.066 67% is either non-listener or is exposed to training 44.2
  1. *each excluding the effect of the others and the confounding effect of 'easy access to radios'
  2. ** 'Gain' is the risk difference divided by the proportion requiring intervention