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Table 1 Major GIS functions of this pilot system

From: A GIS-driven integrated real-time surveillance pilot system for national West Nile virus dead bird surveillance in Canada

Major GIS Functions Public Site Internal site
1. Real-time map page
• Aggregated map
• Embargo implementation  
• Fixed zoom, interactive zoom
• Polygon feature identify, select by rectangle, clear selection
• Pan, measure distance, print, save map
• Fixed legend  
• Zoom to provinces
• Large map
• Open, close spatial query results
• Integrated legend for WMS, real-time data, and ArcIMS layers  
• Bird location point map  
• OGC WMS data access  
• Point feature identify, select by rectangle, clear selection  
• Link point feature to data editing page  
2. Static map page
• Switch to different regions
• Animation of static maps
• Define date period for static map retrieval
• Embargo  
3. Services
• Static maps generation  
• Geo-referencing  
• Spatial data validation  
• Incident point shapefile generation  
• WMS update  
4. Data reporting and editing pages
• Real-time map  
• Interactive zoom  
• Spatial validation result display  
• Retrieve mouse point coordinate