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Table 2 Significant high rate spatial tuberculosis clusters in Almora district, India, detected by retrospective space-time analysis. This table depicts the results of the space-time analysis using a maximum temporal window of 90%, which included purely spatial clusters as well, and a spatial window of ≤ 25% of the population at risk, which included purely temporal clusters also, in Almora district, India, during 2003–2005

From: Investigation of geo-spatial hotspots for the occurrence of tuberculosis in Almora district, India, using GIS and spatial scan statistic

Cluster with location ID Year No. Of Cases Expectd Cases Relative Risk Log Likelihood Ratio P-value
Most Likely Cluster       
1. DTC Almora 2003–2005 455 142.40 4.042 251.250357 0.001
Secondary Clusters       
2. Chaukhutiya 2003–2005 118 73.71 1.648 11.868553 0.001
3. Dhauladevi 2003 56 34.42 1.649 5.822492 0.034