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Table 3 Multi-variable regression model of discrepancy-distance

From: Comparing a single-stage geocoding method to a multi-stage geocoding method: how much and where do they disagree?

   Ratio of discrepancy-distance medians* (95% CI)
Poverty in census tract Two-fold increase 0.87 (0.85 – 0.91)
Density of census tract Two-fold increase 0.90 (0.88 – 0.91)
Multi-stage reference file Local Parcels 1.00 (reference)
  Local Roads 0.89 (0.82–0.96)
  TIGER-based 0.47 (0.44–0.51)
  1. Discrepancy-distance indicates distance between multi-stage and single-stage coordinates for the same address; TIGER indicates Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing system line files, this includes NAVTEQ and Dynamap reference files
  2. * Ratios lower than one indicate that a category or characteristic was associated with a smaller discrepancy-distance (closer agreement between the two geocoding methods)