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Table 4 Risk map agreement

From: Determining areas that require indoor insecticide spraying using Multi Criteria Evaluation, a decision-support tool for malaria vector control programmes in the Central Highlands of Madagascar

Villages Constraint Altitude = A (m) Transmission Epidemic risk Status of alert confirmation Risk map agreement
Kiangara Yes < 1000 Continuous - Confirmed Yes
Ambositra No 1000<A<1500 - Low Not confirmed Yes
Matindrano No 1000<A<1500 - Low Not confirmed Yes
Ambalavao Yes A<1000 Continuous - Confirmed Yes
Iarintsena Yes A<1000 m Continuous - Not confirmed No
Anjoma Yes A<1000 Continuous - Not confirmed No
Mahazony No 1000<A<1500 - Low Not confirmed Yes
Sahanalo Yes <1000 Continuous - Confirmed Yes
Ambinaniroa Yes <1000 Continuous - Not confirmed No
Ankaramena Yes <1000 Continuous - Confirmed Yes
Amborompotsy No 1000<A<1500 - High Not confirmed No
Ambohibary Yes A>1500 Absent - Not Confirmed Yes
Antrafonomby Yes A>1500 Absent - Not confirmed Yes