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Table 1 Definitions and abbreviations

From: Participatory mapping of target areas to enable operational larval source management to suppress malaria vector mosquitoes in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

CORP: Community-Owned Resource Person. The responsibility for routine mosquito surveillance in Dar es Salaam is delegated to individual community members (CORPs) who are appointed and managed through neighbourhood health committees [16].
GIS: Geographical Information System. A GIS is a computer system for capturing, storing, analyzing and managing data and associated attributes which are spatially referenced to the earth [32, 33].
GPS: Global Positioning System [32, 33].
Municipality: The Dar es Salaam City Region is subdivided into three municipalities, namely Ilala, Temeke and Kinondoni.
Open Space: Public or private unbuilt land, for example hazardous lands declared not suitable for construction, road reserves, available land for community use, as well as residential, industrial or institutional plots under-utilised or awaiting development. Open spaces are often used for agricultural activities.
Plot: All TCUs within the wards covered by the UMCP are subdivided into plots. A plot is defined here as a specific physical area with an identifiable owner, occupant or user and with clearly defined boundaries within one specific TCU. The plot boundaries are defined by UMCP staff. Therefore, the plots do not always correspond with actual cadastral information such as land ownership [31].
Neighbourhood: The 73 wards of the Dar es Salaam City Region are administratively subdivided into 368 neighbourhoods. The 15 wards covered by UMCP comprise 67 neighbourhoods. The local Kiswahili term for neighbourhood is mtaa (plural mitaa) which literally means "street".
TCU: Ten-Cell-Unit. The 368 neighbourhoods (mitaa) of the Dar es Salaam City Region are subdivided into several thousand ten-cell-units (TCUs). They typically comprise about ten houses, in some cases even more than one hundred, and are headed by an elected chairperson. Some non-residential areas were not included in any TCU by the time the UMCP started. In the progress, such areas were assigned to be new TCUs, or were attached to existing TCUs in all neighbourhoods within the UMCP.
UMCP: Urban Malaria Control Programme of the Dar es Salaam City Medical Office of Health, in co-operation with national and international research and funding organizations.
Ward: The three municipalities of the Dar es Salaam City Region are subdivided into 73 wards. Currently, 15 of these wards are covered by the UMCP.