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Table 1 Example of travel time data from Chart of Call for Drumheller, AB

From: Determining geographic areas and populations with timely access to cardiac catheterization facilities for acute myocardial infarction care in Alberta, Canada

Origin and Mode Time to Patient* Out of Hospital Time* Time to Tertiary Care*
Drumheller GRD** 0 103 103
Calgary RW** 44 38 112
Calgary FW** 58 60 148
Medicine Hat FW** 92 60 182
  1. * Time to Patient is the time from dispatch until the response team arrives at the sending hospital. Out of Hospital Time is the time that the patient is out of a hospital while being transported from the sending facility to the tertiary care centre. Time to Tertiary Care is the total time from dispatch to arrival at the tertiary care centre. Note: Both air modes contain a fixed addition of time in the final Time to Tertiary Care calculation called '30-minute in hospital time', which accounts for patient stabilization and preparation for transport [14].
  2. ** (Abbreviations: GRD = ground ambulance; RW = rotary wing air ambulance; FW = fixed wing air ambulance)