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Table 3 Poisson regression results, with levels of significance with percent of total deviation of the field and satellite parameters for the IDP camps study site for abundance and distribution An. gambiae s.l. and Cx. quinquefasciatus larval mosquitoes

From: Hydrological modeling of geophysical parameters of arboviral and protozoan disease vectors in Internally Displaced People camps in Gulu, Uganda

Mosquito Species Variable Final Beta R2
An. gambiae Shade < 0.001 -1.37 16.2
  Turbidity < 0.001 2.58 15.3
  Pseudo-R2    31.8
Cx. quinquefasciatus Emergent vegetation < 0.001 -1.77 13.6
  Turbidity < 0.001 1.58 13.0
  Pseudo-R2    26.6