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Table 3 Parameter estimates γ of the logit model and overall model significance (log-likelihood ratio)

From: Addressing diarrhea prevalence in the West African Middle Belt: social and geographic dimensions in a case study for Benin

Parameter Estimates
Variable Estimate t-score (Pr > |t|)
Geo-indicator2 0.006 1.98 (0.049)
Rainfall3 -0.004 -3.91 (<0.001)
Household-indicator4 -0.577 -2.94 (0.004)
Constant 2.786 2.52 (0.012)
-2 Log Likelihood 2447.6
-2 Log Likelihood ratio1 325.4*
Number of observations 2626
  1. 1Under null hypothesis of a constant model, *significant at <0.0001 level. 2Product of aquifer suitability stress, groundwater quality stress, and (2-GW). 3Mean annual rainfall (mm). 4Weighted mean of ED, HG, and DH.