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Table 1 Population Gambling "vulnerability index" from Brent report

From: An analysis of the accessibility of video lottery terminals: the case of Montréal

Variables Reasons
Gender Males are more prone but rates in females are catching up – women are more likely to have shorter gambling careers but develop problems at a faster rate
Age 18–35 year olds are more likely to develop problems with emphasis on adolescents
Education Majority of studies point towards a slight relationship between lower educational attainment and problem gambling
Marital Status Single People, especially divorced or separated individuals are deemed most vulnerable
Household Single person households
Income Those on lower incomes more vulnerable due to the proportion of income spent on gambling
Geography Proximity to Casino important as well as deprived neighbourhoods
Ethnicity Higher vulnerability for immigrant and minority populations – with a skew towards Chinese communities
Employment Status Unemployed and manual/lower occupational groups most vulnerable