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Table 1 Variables, measures, and coding

From: Geographical variations and contextual effects on age of initiation of sexual intercourse among women in Nigeria: a multilevel and spatial analysis

Variable Measure
Dependent variable  
Early sexual debut Coital debut at 15 years or younger (yes = 1, no = 0)
Individual characteristics  
Age Completed years [1) 15–24, 2) 25–34, 3) 35+]
Education Highest level of education [1) No education, 2) primary, 3) secondary or higher]
Ethnicity Ethnicity [1) Hausa or Fulani, 2) Igbo, 3) Yoruba, 4) Others]
Religion Religion affiliation [1) Islam, 2) Catholic, Protestant, Other Christian, 3) traditionalist, others]
Community characteristics  
Type of residence Cluster classification [1) rural or remote, 2) urban]
Community ethnic diversity Number of ethnic group in a community, represents the likelihood that two persons, chosen at random from the same area, belong to different ethnic group.
Community median age of marriage Median age of women at first marriage in community
Community median spousal age gap Median spousal age gap in community
Region The six geopolitical regions [1) north-central, 2) north-east, 3) north-west, 4) south-east, 5) south-south, 6) south-west]