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Table 3 Prompts and Questions for User Group 3

From: Distributed usability evaluation of the Pennsylvania Cancer Atlas

Stage 2 Assessment: User Group 3 Questions/Prompts
Round 1 (Open ended questions) 1. What use/uses do you see as the primary ones for this Atlas?
  2. Who within public health would be the primary user of the Atlas? Of the results?
  3. What additional data should be included in the Atlas?
  4. Do you think the links between the four components (map, frequency plot, population pyramid, table) are intuitive and useful? Please explain any specific links that you feel are particularly intuitive/un-intuitive and/or useful/un-useful.
  5. Can you think of other data display methods than the ones you see in the Atlas that are useful from the point of view of cancer data analysis?
  6. We are planning to have a tabbed window at the lower right portion of the interface. We already have a scrollable interactive table in one of the tabs. What other information/tools would you like to see incorporated there?
  7. What is your opinion about the temporal animation feature? Do you think this is a good way to explore temporal data? Are there any alternatives you feel we should consider and/or ways to make the current animation feature more useful?
  8. Are there any features, functionalities, terminologies, etc. which might not be understandable to the target audience? If yes, can you discuss some ways to overcome the problems?
Round 2 (Discussion) In this section the results of the previous round was summarized and put on a website. The users were given a link to this site before this discussion round begun. They were asked to comment on other people's responses as seen from the summary or raise issues which they thought were important regarding the Atlas.