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Table 2 First mortality date and major nativity for each cluster

From: Three-dimensional visualization of cultural clusters in the 1878 yellow fever epidemic of New Orleans

Dominant nativity Date of first death Dominant nativity Date of first death
French (1) 31st July Italian (7)* 27th Aug
French (2) 1st Aug Italian (8)* 29th Aug
None 2nd Aug None 29th Aug
French (3) 3rd Aug None 1st Sept
None 13th Aug None 1st Sept
None 17th Aug Under 5 2nd Sept
None 18th Aug None 4th Sept
French (4) 22nd Aug None 7th Sept
French (5) 22nd Aug East Europe 7th Sept
None 22nd Aug None 8th Sept
Italian (6)* 23rd Aug French (9) 13th Sept
  1. Twenty-two clusters were formed from the mortalities falling in the French Quarter. Of these, six had at least 5 French born members, and three had at least 5 Italian born members. The French clusters grouped together earlier in the epidemic (apart from cluster 9), while the Italian clusters occurred later, though again these were grouped together. Those clusters with an * also remain intact when only single nativity mortalities are considered in their creation (note cluster 6 actually splits into two).