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Table 5 Highland Park and Marine Park Comparison

From: The complexities of measuring access to parks and physical activity sites in New York City: a quantitative and qualitative approach

  Highland Park Marine Park
Park Construction (Year) 1901 1936
Park Size (Acres) 141 798*
Physical Activity (PA) Sites   
   Baseball Fields 6 22
   Basketball Hoops 8 21
   Golf Courses 0 1
   Handball Courts 10 22
   Playgrounds 2 4
   Soccer Fields 1 **
   Tennis Courts 13 15
   Additional PA Sites none bocce courts, cricket fields, hiking trails, skate park, kickball courts, and kayak/canoe launch sites
Capital Projects (money spent since 1995) Over $6 million Over $34 million
   Sample of Capital Projects New baseball field and tennis court lighting, added safety measures, synthetic turf soccer/football field (under construction), etc Landscaping, construction of separate environmental and community centers, golf course irrigation, comfort stations, etc.
Quality of the Park Good quality overall (see figure 7e): well maintained older play equipment with safety surfaces (see figure 7f), broken chess table (with caution tape), playground safety signs*** Good quality overall (see figure 8c): some graffiti, play equipment with safety surfaces (see figure 8d), "Clean up after yourself" signs, safety signs at every playground ***
Miscellaneous Public School children maintain various gardens throughout the park (figure 7d) n/a
  1. *A large part of Marine Park is underwater, and this number includes an 18-hole golf course making Marine Park's usable area closer to the size of Highland Park. ** Baseball Fields double as soccer fields in Marine Park. ***Winter weather and construction projects seem to have temporarily reduced the overall quality of the parks, but this does not appear to be permanent.