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Table 3 The most likely temporal, spatial, and space-time clusters identified by the SaTScan statistics using the Poisson probability model, based on crude prevalence estimates

From: Temporal and spatial dynamics of Cryptosporidium parvum infection on dairy farms in the New York City Watershed: a cluster analysis based on crude and Bayesian risk estimates

Analysis type Observeda Expectedb RRc P-value Populationd Shape
Purely Temporal 57 38 2 0.002 169  
Purely Spatial       
Spring no significant cluster  
Summer no significant cluster  
Winter 14 4 5.87 0.003 29 elliptical
Space-Time 37 20 2.3 0.031 83 circular
  40 17 3 0.004 78 elliptical
  1. aNumber of observed cases in cluster
  2. bNumber of expected cases in cluster
  3. cRelative Risk
  4. dNumber of animals at risk in the cluster