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Table 1 Average population densities for each LC class in Somalia

From: A high resolution spatial population database of Somalia for disease risk mapping

Label Average population density (people/km2) Data used for population density calculation
Airport 0 /
Bare area 0.36 Africover, Kenya
Cultivated herb 33.97 Africover, Kenya
Cultivated tree 19.54 Africover, Kenya
Industrial area 0 /
Lake 0 /
Natural aquatic 3.60 Africover, Kenya
Natural herb 1.33 Africover, Kenya
Natural shrub 2.03 Africover, Kenya
Natural tree 9.74 Africover, Kenya
Refugee camp 77198.90 UN data on Afgooye corridor, Somalia
River bank 0 /
Rural settlement 2990.05 GTI; settlement points
Sand beach 0 /
Urban area 18302.98 GTI; settlement points