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Table 1 Description of the eight case studies included in the review

From: Pathogenic landscapes: Interactions between land, people, disease vectors, and their animal hosts

  WNV Senegal TBE Latvia Sandflies Pyrenees RVF Senegal WNF Camargue PUUV Belgium Lyme Belgium Malaria Camargue
Pathogen flavivirus flavivirus protozoan parasite phlebovirus flavivirus hantavirus spirochetal bacteria eukaryotic protist
Vector or host mosquito tick sandfly mosquito mosquito rodent tick mosquito
Region Senegal river basin Latvia/northeastern Latvia French Pyrennees Ferlo, Senegal Camargue, France Belgium Belgium Camargue, France
Scale department country 3 departments department ecounit country country ecounit
Spatial resolution 30 m 100-30 m 30 m 2.4 m 30 m 30 m, municipality municipality 30 m
Climate semi-arid temperate mediterranean semi-arid mediterranean temperate temperate mediterranean
Field data horse serology human cases sandfly trapping ruminant serology horse & bird serology rodent serology; human cases human cases mosquito trapping
Analyses statistical statistical statistical statistical; simulation model simulation model statistical statistical Multi-agent simulation