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Table 2 Validation of the ten propositions proposed in this paper with the eight case studies included in the review

From: Pathogenic landscapes: Interactions between land, people, disease vectors, and their animal hosts

  WNV Senegal TBE Latvia Sandflies Pyrenees RVF Senegal WNF Camargue PUUV Belgium Lyme Belgium Malaria Camargue
1. Landscape attributes E E + E E E E +
2. Spatial configuration   E E   + E E  
3. Habitat connectivity     E + E   
4. Species associations + +    E + +  
5. Transmission paths   +     E +  
6. Multiple scales   E E +   E   
7. Concentration, diffusion     E +    E
8. Land use   E     E E +
9. Land ownership   E       
10. Human behaviour   E     E E E
  1. E: empirical evidence from that case study
  2. +: case study is consistent with the proposition, based on the literature
  3. -: case study is in disagreement the with proposition, based on the literature