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Table 2 Characteristics of the three simple emission profiles as input for the ADM model

From: Improved correlation of human Q fever incidence to modelled C. burnetii concentrations by means of an atmospheric dispersion model

Name Type Period Comments
conYear Constant [1-Jan-2009; 31-Dec-2009]  
lNormEpi Lognormal: lagged 20.7 days back in time (mean incubation period) [1-Jan-2009; 31-Dec-2009] Area A: μ = 3.1 weeks, σ = 0.20 weeks
Area B: μ = 2.9 weeks, σ = 0.25 weeks
Area C: μ = 2.9 weeks, σ = 0.29 weeks
Calculated with R function MASSfitdistr().
conEpi Constant Area A: [21-Mar-2009; 31-Jul-2009] Based on the 2.5% and 97.5% percentile of profile ‘lNormEpi’.
Area B: [19-Feb-2009; 25-Jun-2009]
Area C: [11-Feb-2009; 28-Jun-2009]