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Table 1 Criteria to construct the deprivation index

From: A multi-criteria spatial deprivation index to support health inequality analyses

Dimension Variable Indicator/Criteria
Education Level of instruction A: % of people without any level of instruction
Health Health insurance B: % of people with no health insurance
  Disabled people C: % of people that area disable for more than a year
Employment Workers with no payment D: % of people that work with no payment
Housing House structure E: % of houses with damaged roofs
  Overcrowding F: % of houses with more than four people per dormitory
  House services G: % of houses without sewerage system
   H: % of houses without connection to the electric grid
   I: % of houses without connection to the drinking water supply system
   J: % of houses without cobbled or paved access roads
   K: % of houses without garbage collection service
  House general condition L: % of houses that are shacks