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Table 2 General detection of a monitorized application

From: Prevention of sexually transmitted infections using mobile devices and ubiquitous computing

Actor’s actions System’s answers
1.- This use case startswhen users start arisk-associated software.  
  2.- The surveillance service detectsthe launching of a contactapplication.
  3.- It notifies users of the launch ofthe application through thenotifications bar
4. - Users select thenotification.  
  5. - The system opens a window with mapview in which the nearest medical center to his/her position is shown.
6. - Users can select thehealth center or pharmacyand obtain informationabout it.  
7.- Users can select a riskpresented in the mapviewand obtain informationabout it.  
Alternative flow: 2.- The surveillance service did not find a risk-associated application, therefore the system checks again after X amount of time.
  1. This table presents an extension of the General detection of a monitorized application, in a conversational format, which emphasizes the interaction between the actors and the system.