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Table 3 Required data, data quality issues and required GIS skills, by GIS approach to mapping for MNH

From: The geography of maternal and newborn health: the state of the art

  Required data Important GIS data quality issues to be addressed Required GIS skills
Thematic mapping Statistical data (indicators) and GIS data containing the extension of the geographic objects to which the statistical data are attached Completeness and timeliness Basic GIS training (Knowledge for producing relevant thematic maps)
Spatial analysis Location of the different geographic objects necessary to create or extract the new information (location of the households, health facilities,…) Completeness, timeliness and accuracy Intermediate GIS training (GIS data management, spatial analysis functions)
Spatial modelling (geographic access) Location of the health facilities providing the concerned MNH care; Spatial distribution of the population in demand (pregnant women, births,…); Road network; hydrographic network; Digital Elevation Model (DEM); Land cover and coverage capacity of each facility if human resources taken into account in the analysis   Advanced GIS training (GIS data management and manipulation, use of advanced GIS functions)