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Table 2 RFID tracking system expense list

From: A comparison of commercial and custom-made electronic tracking systems to measure patient flow through an ambulatory clinic

Item Price
Raspberry Pi Computer $30
RFID sensor $49.50
Project enclosure box $9
USB wireless adapter $8.65
SD card $5
Power adapter $3.46
Externally powered USB hub $10
Industrial fastening tape $2
LED with resistors and jumper wire $1
Double-output 11200mAh USB battery $23
Screws (x8) $1
Cost per room/area $142.61
IR tag cost $1
  1. RFID itemized expense sheet: the total cost of the custom-built RFID receiver was $142.61. This was also the cost of setup per tracked location because only one box was needed per area. Note that these costs do not involve labor or licensing expenses because they are not applicable