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Table 1 Number of geolocated addresses for rnv3p “Observations”, “Patient” and “Entreprises” tables (rnv3p 2001–2012)

From: Geographic dimensions of a health network dedicated to occupational and work related diseases

rnv3p main tables (number of observations) Observations
n = 162,526
n = 192,281
n = 70,916
No link with the workplace (n=) 51,948   
Link with workplace (n=) 110,578   
 Address not recorded (n=) 8667 24,002 4980
 Address not found during the geolocalisation process (n=) 1314 16,032 2262
 Match ratea (%) 98.7 90.5 96.6
Total number of rnv3p observations located with reference to the primary rnv3p tables (n=) 100,597 152,247 63,674
Percentage of rnv3p observations successfully geolocated 61.9 79.1 89.8
  1. aMatch rate refers to the percentage of addresses successfully geolocated with reference to the only entries that have one address informed