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Table 1 Street audit instrument to assess area characteristics, the ELANE study

From: Residential area characteristics and disabilities among Dutch community-dwelling older adults

Area characteristic Score
0 1 2
Aesthetics (range 0–22)
 Litter Much Little Absent
 Dog waste Much Little Absent
 Graffiti Much Little Absent
 Park Absent   Present
 Maintenance benches Insufficient/n.a. Reasonable Sufficient
 Maintenance sidewalk(s) Insufficient/n.a. Reasonable Sufficient
 Maintenance street Insufficient Reasonable Sufficient
 Trees None Few Many
 Gardens None Few Many
 Other green Absent Partly Mainly
 Water Absent Partly Mainly
Functional (range 0–14)
 Sidewalk side 1 Absent <2 m ≥2 m
 Sidewalk side 2 Absent <2 m ≥2 m
 Obstacles sidewalk(s) Many/n.a. Few None
 Flatness walking surface Insufficient Reasonable Sufficient
 Curb cuts Insufficient/n.a. Reasonable Sufficient
 Bench(es) None One More than one
 Wastebin(s) None One More than one
Safety (range 0–16)
 Crossings Absent Without traffic light(s) With traffic light(s)
 Speed limiters None One More than one
 Lighting Insufficient Reasonable Sufficient
 Supervision Insufficient Reasonable Sufficient
 Ground-level houses None Few Many
 Upper-level houses None Few Many
 Bicycle lane(s) Absent Not seperated from carlane Seperated from carlane
 Traffic speed limita Walking path 15 km road 50 km road
Destinations (range 0–15)
 ATM Absent Present  
 Letterbox Absent Present  
 Bus stopb Absent More than one  
 Supermarket Absent Present  
 Bakery Absent Present  
 Vegetable store Absent Present  
 Butcher Absent Present  
 Other shops Absent Present  
 Shopping center Absent Present  
 Hairdresser Absent Present  
 Café Absent Present  
 Nursing home Absent Present  
 Pharmacy Absent Present  
 Community center Absent Present  
 Sport facility Absent Present  
  1. aCombined walking/cycle path scored 0.5; a 30 km road scored 1.5
  2. bOne bus stop scored 0.5