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Table 1 Means and frequencies for all variables included in the study across Burundi, 2013

From: Identifying youth-friendly service practices associated with adolescents’ use of reproductive healthcare services in post-conflict Burundi: a cross-sectional study

  Total N N/(%)
Provider characteristics   
 Specially trained staff   
  Staff have received training in relation to the care of adolescents’ RH 872 19 (2.2)
  Staff have received training to meet adolescents’ special RH needs 872 22 (2.5)
  Facility uses peer educators/counselors 874 18 (2.1)
 Ability to relate to youth in a respectful manner   
  Staff have been informed of the rights of adolescents 874 92 (10.5)
  All staff know at least 5 of the rights of adolescents 872 76 (8.7)
  Health facility characteristics   
  Dedicated adolescent only hours and/or days 858 34 (3.8)
  Facility hours includes evenings and/or weekend hours 865 674 (78.0)
 Environmental adaptation   
  Designated adolescent check-in rooms available 858 679 (79.0)
  Waiting and exam rooms have pictures to appeal to adolescents 873 118 (13.5)
  Waiting and exam rooms have print materials to appeal to adolescents 560 297 (53.0)
  Waiting and exam rooms have posters to appeal to adolescents 557 320 (57.5)
Program design characteristics   
Adolescents are involved in the design and continuing feedback 871 16 (1.8)
Facility has a strategy to involve adolescents in planning and care provision 873 38 (4.4)
RHC services discounted to adolescents 464 52 (11.2)
  Facility has partnerships with community organizations and other sectors, e.g., schools, NGOs to reach young people 858 94 (11.0)
  Outreach and/or education provided in the community for young people 768 91 (11.8)
Facility has sign outside that states that all adolescents are welcome 516 7 (1.4)
  Records are preserved to protect the privacy and confidentiality of adolescents’ personal medical records and health information 868 620 (71.4)
  1. Pictures, posters and print materials include educational materials or information relating reproductive health
  2. RH Reproductive health, RHC Reproductive Health Care