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Table 4 Association of key YFS characteristics related to performance-based financing status using a Poisson regression model

From: Identifying youth-friendly service practices associated with adolescents’ use of reproductive healthcare services in post-conflict Burundi: a cross-sectional study

  β Confidence interval Sig.
Intercept 3.522 2.054–6.038 ***
Program design characteristics
 Adolescents are involved in design/feedback 0.76 0.477–1.211  
 Facility has strategy to involve adolescentsa 0.906 0.743–1.107  
 Privacy and confidentiality preservedb 1.151 1.026–1.292 *
 Outreach and/or education is providedc 1.05 0.953–1.157  
 RHC services discounted to adolescents 1.006 0.859–1.179  
Health facility characteristics
 Hours include evenings/weekend hours 1.115 1.025–1.212 **
 Designated check-in and exam rooms available 0.968 0.777–1.205  
 Waiting/exam rooms have print educational materials to appeal to adolescents 1.091 0.969–1.229  
 Waiting/exam rooms have educational pictures to appeal to adolescents 1.101 1.002–1.209 *
 Waiting/exam rooms have educational posters to appeal to adolescents 1.153 1.048–1.269 **
  1. β Exponential estimates
  2. Significance level: <0.0001***; <0.01**; <0.05*
  3. N = 311
  4. ~ Model did not converge
  5. aFacility has a strategy to involve adolescents in planning and in the provision of care
  6. bRecords are preserved to protect the privacy and confidentiality of adolescents’ personal medical records and health information
  7. cOutreach and/or education provided in the community for young people