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Table 1 Data source to characterize the neighbourhood context

From: Developing a data-driven spatial approach to assessment of neighbourhood influences on the spatial distribution of myocardial infarction

Domain Category Variables Provider (Year) Exhaustivity of location data
Domain 1: socioeconomic environment Population Total population
% of born abroad
French National Census Bureau (INSEE- Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques) (1999)  
  Employment Unemployment rate
% of Blue collars among the active population with permanent jobs
Non-permanent job rate
  Data available from census block level
  Education % Persons aged 15+ without qualification  
   People aged 15 years or older with at least a lower tertiary education   
   People aged 15 years or older who did not go beyond an elementary education   
  Family % of single-parent families   
  Household % of households with no car
% of households with 2 cars
  Income % of population entitled to family allowance Statistics department of CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales) (2007)  
   % of population entitled to safety net income   
Domain 2: public resources Healthcare system Location of doctors’ surgeries—Location of healthcare centres Regional health agency/French National Directory of Health and Social Establishments (2007) Systematic census of all doctor and healthcare centre addresses located in the SMA
  Public transportation supply Location of bus and tram stop and the number of lines served at each SMA authority (2008) Exact location ground-truthing
  Public parks and gardens Location and area of public parks and gardens SMA authority et CIGAL Spatial Data Infrastructure (Coopération pour l’Information Géographique en Alsace) (2008) Systematic census conducted by the SMA authority (using ground-truthing) of all public parks (where inhabitants may practice sport)
  Sport facilities Location of sport facilities Great-East regional and district office DRDJS (Office of Youth and Sports) (2008) Systematic census of all sports facilities by the Office of Youth and Sports, using ground-truthing
Domain 3: psychosocial environment Local businesses Location of retail outlets
Location of food markets
SMA authority (2008) Systematic census of retail outlets and food markets conducted by the SMA authority using ground-truthing of itinerant vendors only (small markets)
  Characterization of educational facilities Number and type of Violence in schools Official education institutions (Ministère de l’éducation). (2007)  
   Schools’ social scores Inspection d’académie (Ministère de l’éducation)
Exact location and characteristics of education facilities provided by the official educational institutions that manage these schools
   Primary/middle and secondary (high) schools ZEP (priority) and successful (AR) middle schools SMA authority and official education institutions
   Map showing primary and middle schools
Secondary (High) schools
General Council of the Bas-Rhin and official education institutions (2007)  
    SMA authority and official education institutions (2007)  
  Voting rates Voting rates The City Halls of Strasbourg (2000–2008)
  Civic associations Location of civic associations SMA authority and SIRENE databases (2000–2008)  
   Type of civic associations: Religious, political, volunteer   Exact location of association without use of ground-truthing
  1. SMA Strasbourg metropolitan area