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Table 1 Summary of population characteristics obtained from registry data that were used as predictors, with abbreviations that are used in the model between parentheses

From: Estimating the prevalence of 26 health-related indicators at neighbourhood level in the Netherlands using structured additive regression

Age (age) Household size (hhsize)
 Years  1, 2, …, 9, 10+
Sex (sex) Household capital (hhcap)
 Male  100 percentile classes
 Female Household income (hhinc)
Ethnicity (eth)  100 percentile classes
 Autochthonous Household income source (hhincsrc)
 Morocco  Salaried
 Turkey  Independent
 Suriname  Capital
 Netherlands Antilles  Unemployment benefit
 Other non-western  Disability benefit
 Other western  Old-age benefit
Marital status (mar)  Social welfare benefit
 Unmarried  Other benefit
 Married  Student loan
 Divorced  Other
 Widower  None
Household type (hhtype) Home ownership (home)
 Single person household  Homeowner
 Unmarried without children  Renting with housing allowance
 Married without children  Renting with no housing allowance
 Unmarried with children Neighbourhood urbanization (urb)
 Married with children  100 percentile classes
 Single parent family Neighbourhood (neigh)
 Other  Code