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Table 4 Final valences and grand scores (n = 120)

From: Online versus in-person comparison of Microscale Audit of Pedestrian Streetscapes (MAPS) assessments: reliability of alternate methods

Score name Possible range Individual items Inter-rater agreement (ICC) Confidence intervals (CI) Rater Mean (SD) Percent without feature
Grand valence and overall
 Overall microscale positive 0–47 Sum of 4 subscales: Positive crossing characteristics, positive segments, positive streetscape, positive aesthetics/social ICC: 0.86 (0.80, 0.90) On the ground 12.59 4.23
Online (St view) 12.47 3.97
 Grand score 0–80 Overall microscale positive + land use positive subscale ICC: 0.93 (0.89, 0.95) On the ground 20.22 9.08
Online (St view) 19.90 8.46