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Table 2 Comparisons between observed 1999–2011 Georgia adolescent cancer mortality and estimated mortality, by method and zone

From: Transforming geographic scale: a comparison of combined population and areal weighting to other interpolation methods

  1. Rate per 100,000 per year
  2. 1999–2011 person-year population estimated using simple areal weighting with 2000 and 2010 tract-level source zones, then weighted by year
  3. Methods 3 through 5 use death estimates expressed as real numbers, in contrast to the centroid methods which use integer counts
  4. Value in parentheses is the arithmetic difference between the estimate and its paired state of Georgia value
  5. We use absolute arithmetic differences for death counts because if we used actual differences, the mean difference would equal 0
  6. *Standard deviations of the mean arithmetic difference from paired Georgia deaths rates are distinct from those shown on Fig. 7, which are standard deviations of the mean of the paired rates