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Table 2 Data obtained from the GPS track and Q1

From: Mobility assessment of a rural population in the Netherlands using GPS measurements

Variable Time in hours/week, distances in km
GPS Questionnaire
Time indoors [Median (IQR)] 162.5 (159.8–164.5) 146.0 (133.9–154.2)
Time outdoors [Median (IQR)] 5.5 (3.5–8.2) 22.0 (13.8–34.1)
Time walking [Median (IQR)] 0.3 (0.1–0.8) 4.0 (2.0–9.0)
Time biking [Median (IQR)] 1.1 (0.3–2.4) 3.0 (1.0–8.0)
Time in motorised transport [Median (IQR)] 3.0 (1.4–5.2) 3.5 (1.8–6.6)
Distances from home while walking [Median (IQR)] 2.0 (0.7–7.0)  
Distances from home while biking [Median (IQR)] 2.0 (0.8–4.1)
Distances from home motorised transport [Median (IQR)] 7.4 (4.1–14.3)
  1. Time values are transformed into hours per week, distances are in km from the home address, distance values were only available from the GPS measurements. Time outdoors is a combination of time walking, time biking, time in motorised transport and other time outdoors